Your adventure awaits.

A hot air balloon ride is an escape from your every day. We offer scenic balloon flights over many parts of Phoenix Arizona (Oct-May) & Flathead Valley, Montana (June-Sept).  Explore breathtaking views with your friends/family.  Share an adventure that will be cherished for a life time. 

Sunrise & Sunset flights are available and offered 7 days a week.  Balloon rides can be scheduled year round in above occasions, as long as mother nature cooperates. 

Each flight package lasts approximately 2-4 hours from pick up to drop off, with the in air flight lasting at least 1 hour long. 

Here's what your flight entails:


We will text you the meeting location & time to the cell phone you will have with you during the day of flight.  We then will drive you to our launch site together. Here, we'll lay out the balloon, turn on the fans, and watch your balloon slowly come to life. When we're ready to fly, we'll hit the burners and your aircraft will stand.





Climb in the basket and get ready to soar. This is the warmest part of your entire journey, as we'll heat the balloon until it has enough lift to float away. Your take-off is so gentle you're unlikely to feel the earth moving away from your feet. 


Float above it all

From the air, you'll have unrivaled photo opportunities: take in the surrounding areas with the mountains around the valley, the rivers, the lakes, and the wildlife. Enjoy the sensation of being able to see for miles and an opportunity to experience flight. The intermittent roar of the burners, lift the balloon. Then you'll peacefully travel above the valley in silence, giving you the perfect opportunity to take in the serenity and the remarkable view from the sky.


Back to earth

After landing, enjoy a traditional ballooning ceremony to commemorate your aeronautical experience. You'll have met new friends, had an amazing adventure, and made memories that will last your lifetime. 



When do you fly?

We do offer sunset flights in the winter months, most of our flights launch in the morning with the sunrise. Exact flight time changes depending on the time of year, but we'll let you know your meeting time when you call and set up a reservation. 

Where do you take off?

Our launch location changes depending on the wind speed and direction. We have a few launch sites located throughout the Valley to provide the most scenic rides possible based on the wind conditions on the day of your flight. Don't worry though: we always have the same meeting location. 

How many people do you take in your balloon?

At 2 Fly Us, we take pride in providing a more personalized flight with small groups of no more than 5 people or less. Other companies carry 14 to 20 passengers/basket. For private flights, your private party has the entire balloon and pilot to yourselves. No matter which flight you choose with 2 Fly Us, you can count on a personalized experience. We enjoy getting to know our passengers, and this is only possible in a small group setting.

How much is a hot air balloon ride?

Please check out our pricing.




What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothes, as you would dress for the weather on the day of your flight. Avoid high-heels or flip-flops: you may be walking around on uneven terrain depending where we launch and land. Tennis shoes are best. You might also like to bring a hat (the burners give off some heat), but it's not necessary. 




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