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    Flight Plans    
  Time & Location of each package flight will be discussed upon scheduling. Call 24 hrs prior to scheduled flight to reconfirm.

At the launch sight, we inflate the balloons providing you the opportunity to become involved "hands-on" as a crew member & help with working the balloon or you may sit back, observe & take pictures as the gentle giant comes alive.

Each flight package lasts approximately 2 - 4 hours from pick up to drop off, with the in air flight lasting approximately 1 hour long.

After landing, enjoy a traditional champagne ceremony with baked treats & receive a flight certificate to commemorate your aeronautical adventure.

Your Hot Air Balloon Flight Begins…

The idealistic time to fly in a balloon is just before the sun rises or just before it sets. The adventure begins to unfold as everyone gathers in anticipation to watch the balloon inflate and come to life. You climb aboard & rise up into the sky. You can see for miles, looking out over wildlife, rivers, valleys, mountains, & spectators who are wishing they were you. While you are floating above the hustle & bustle of today's life, you are experiencing the excitement, serenity & marvel of your gentle balloon flight. Be sure to bring a camera, because the flight provides unrivalled photo opportunities. The beauty & romance of Hot Air Ballooning views are so incredibly unique & breathtaking. You will treasure the flight photos as a keepsake to share with others for generations to come. After your landing, you will conclude your adventure with a champagne ceremony & receive a flight certificate as well. Then you will look back on your flight, cherishing the wonderful moments of delight, discovery & the new friendships formed until your next flight.

A: Basic Flight Package:

(Sunrise Flight, per person =$175.00)
(Sunset Flight, per person = $195.00)

You will be scheduled with other passengers to share in your ballooning experience.

B: Exclusive Specialty Flight Package:

(Flight for 2 = $300.00/person)
(More than 2 = $200.00/person)

We have couples only flights for all occasions. You can customize a flight, when planning an engagement , an anniversary, or just a special date out for two? You have the balloon & staff all to yourself. The balloon ride will make any occasion an unforgettable one. Reserve a balloon for an Exclusive Specialty Flight and embark upon a journey of uniqueness.

C: Dawn Patrol Package:

(For 2 people = $350.00/person)
(More than 2 people = $300.00/person)

A Dawn Patrol differs from a basic Sunrise flight because it is like getting 2 flights in 1. First you will be launching up to 30 minutes before Sunrise. This enables you to experience the city asleep under a blanket of lights. Then watch the city as it slowly awakens. It's possible that you may see multiple sunrises. The Dawn Patrol Flight starts earlier, therefore your 4 hr adventure ends, allowing you more time during the day to tour, play or just kick back & take a nap.

D: Tether Rides:

($500.00/1st hour & $250 for every hour after)

A Tether Ride is when the balloon is anchored on multiple tie-off lines, which does not allow the balloon to go higher than a certain height. The balloon will go up & down on the ropes, for the agreed amount of time while letting designated people rides.

E: Flight Training:


Learn to fly hot air balloons in sunny Phoenix Arizona. You can get your pilots license in as little as ten days. Winter flying conditions here are ideal with a perfect atmosphere to get your pilot training. Learn from one of the most experienced pilots in the country. Call for more details.

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