There is no better way to check the weather then take a good look outside. Well the Channel 3 Forcasters have the best view in the Valley. The Channel 3 hot air balloon is a Cameron Z90. It is 90,000 cubic feet and almost 70 ft tall.

Weather is very important to a hot air balloon because balloons travel with the wind. At different altitudes, the winds are at different speeds and directions. The pilot uses these winds to help steer the balloon. The pilot can control the altitudes to steer the balloon to a good landing spot. Landing spots very. Balloons can land in a space the size of a cul de sac. So if you see us landing in a neighborhood near you come over and say hello. You can even get some hands on fun helping pack up the balloon .

The pilot of the TV3 balloon is Kevin Flanagan. He has been flying hot air balloons for over 21 years and has logged well over 5000 hours of time. Kevin flew balloons in France, England, Switzerland, Canada, and Mexico. He is one of only a handful of pilots to have flown over the grand canyon. Kevin has been flying here in Arizona for over 18 years. You may have seen him in the Wendy's or Dodge Balloons flying around town.

If you ever wondered what it was like to fly in a balloon you can experience it for yourself. Kevin and his team will take you up in one of there balloons and give you an adventure of a lifetime. For flights or gift certificates you can contact Kevin at or call 623-583-1314

2 FLY US Hot Air Balloon Rides • Phone #623-583-1314 or Toll Free #877-22 FLYUS

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